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West State Archaeological Society



We as a club look forward to helping all of Tampa and the surrounding area in the preservation of Florida history. We do that as individuals and as a group. As our name implies, “West State”, even though it says on the west part of the state of Florida, it really means All of Florida. “Archaeological” which simply implies those things that can be collected legally from within the state. “Society” representing a group of like-minded individuals with a common bond and goal.

We have a common goal to have fun in the preservation of that history. We do that in three ways. One, thru club functions and activities. Two, helping others do the same. Three, constantly being aware that each step we take in the process of the preservation may be the only step ever taken to preserve that artifact or idea.

Thank you all so much for allowing “West State Archaeological Society” to be a part of this preservation. We as members have become a very close-knit group and want to strive to make this group bigger and better as time goes by. As president, I promise to do my best to guide the membership in this direction and look forward to working with all of the officers and members in what we do.

Thanks again




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